Data Destruction

A key concern when sending your devices for e-waste management is the security of the confidential data stored in the hard drives of your PCs, laptops and servers. To prevent any breach of information, we provide an on-site 3X data destruction service at your doorstep.

This ensures 100% data security. To ensure efficiency, we deploy a three-step data destruction process to prevent important data from leaving your premise.

Data Destruction through Software

We start with destroying the data stored on your e-waste product using a software. On conducting research, we have identified Blancco as a certified data erasure software to carry out the initial destruction process. For convenience and assurance, we provide a compliance document for each device we use this software for, thus complying with all the standards of secure data destruction.

Data Degaussing

Upon conducting the first step, we process your hard drives in heavy electromagnetic fields to eradicate any and all the data that wasn’t destroyed in Step 1. This Step further ensures that the device becomes unusable for any further purpose thus ensuring complete security.

Hard Disk Shredding

Finally, to ensure 100% data security, we shred your hard disks to less than 5mm in size and separate it manually to recover any usable material from the device. This process is verified and is adopted by organisations that possess highly confidential and critical data which is vulnerable to data leak threats.